This is why AI in Wildlife conservation is so glorious!

Why Conservationists Use Artificial Intelligence for Wildlife Protection?

  • AI facilitates the collection of vast and fascinating datasets and their analysis in no time.
  • AI is helping wildlife researchers in studying the wild animal species collectively and making strategies to protect them.
  • Artificial intelligence tracks wildlife patterns and predicts the extinction of endangered animal species.
  • It helps conservationists to detect and stop wildlife poaching.
  • It can provide information about the effects of climate change on wildlife and reducing its impact by designing a proper plan.
  • AI assists in assessing the species population and see changes.
  • It helps to stop illegal animal trade on social media.
  • Artificial intelligence identifies and classifies animal species into various classes and provides detailed information about them.
  • AI algorithms can conserve animal habitats by predicting animal migratory patterns.

AI-Based Wildlife Conservation Projects and Use-Cases




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