The Amazing techniques to save Earth using AI

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2 min readApr 13, 2021
AI for Earth

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful and cutting-edge technology that is being used to address and resolve global problems. Leverage of AI and machine learning is taken to minimize the impact of human activities on our planet’s ecosystems. Scientists are using the concepts of machine learning to observe, model, and administer natural resources. AI techniques are supporting researchers by facilitating a scalable way to collect and process planetary data.

AI for Earth is a program powered by Microsoft to unravel natural world challenges. AI for Earth project combines Microsoft cloud software with AI tools to promote the sustainable development of the Earth. Microsoft is awarding grants to projects and equipping teams with AI for Earth’s technical resources to meet the challenges of the future as a global community.

Some serious global environmental issues are:

  • Global warming
  • Pollution and Ozone depletion
  • Deforestation
  • Damage to water bodies
  • Loss of biodiversity
  • Exhaustion of natural resources

Challenges faced by Researchers:

  • Biggest data challenge
  • Biggest algorithmic challenge
  • Computing challenge

How AI helps in solving global challenges?

AI has become prominent as a functional tool in many Earth science domains. AI could prove to be very helpful to rescue Earth. Various AI uses can be mapped to following domains of Earth:

  1. AI for Climate Change
  2. AI for Conservation
  3. AI for Agriculture
  4. AI for Water

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