AI & STEM Education is the key to Global issues — Future of the World that drives the Economy of Tomorrow.

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5 min readAug 26, 2022

AI is all over the world! Have you ever used Google maps to generate the shortest route to reach your destination? Opened your phone with facial recognition? Or used auto-correction while texting,

congratulations! You have interacted with Artificial Intelligence.

AI inconspicuously became part of our everyday life.

For decades, the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) has fascinated scientists and scholars. Tech giants like Apple, Meta, and Microsoft are investing a humongous amount of money in AI-related technology as it will be shaping our future. In the next 50 or 100 years, AI will rule the world of technology and will elevate and transform our species. Over the last 20 years, global interest in AI has steadily escalated. Not only the technical giants but also numerous Universities, government agencies, and wealthy investors are pouring billions of dollars into AI projects and research crews. If humans do create sophisticated super-intelligent machines, even a convoluted global challenge could be tackled. We are always looking forward to the next big transformational power in the modern world. AI is one such thing. Recently, AI has penetrated almost every part of human activity which makes it mandatory for the kids of this generation to develop skills like machine learning, AI & coding, etc.,

Even Global issues like climate change, poverty, food crisis, etc., can be efficiently tackled with the development of AI technologies. Meritus AI has curated STEM, AI & coding lessons that are specially designed for the young generation to learn artificial intelligence in a fun and efficient way.

This creates a concrete foundation for their technical skills that will leverage their future career. We have also curated various AI courses personalized for young kids of different age groups, which Nurtures them to develop the future skills requisite to shape the world for a better tomorrow

Why will AI & coding education bring a better tomorrow?

Other than all the compelling reasons that make AI learning imperative for kids, there are several benefits of learning the fundamentals of AI and coding. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this AI and STEM learning lucrative for children and how it can bring about the change in which we can solve global problems.

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AI as the savior of lives

How great would it be to identify the signs of an underlying medical problem like cancer and prevent it from doing much greater harm to the body?

It is possible with Artificial intelligence where a set of algorithms and programs allows the machines to adapt to reason and provide possible solutions for it.

AI will provide much deeper insight and speed up the time in which we process information, so that leaves the medical experts to pick a solution that fits right to cure a medical condition.

Exploring this field would lead to transformational passion projects where kids would learn to implement AI in the field they love to work with. Teens taking up education in a way to work in their passion to bring a change in the world would create a huge positive impact on the world.

AI in mitigating food crisis

There is a need for us to produce more food in the next 30 years than we are producing right now. The only way to mitigate food scarcity in the future is to use our resources carefully.

With that being said, Artificial intelligence is capable of speeding the yield with its object detection technology and thus helping the farmers to get more from the land while using resources more sustainably.

Organizations started to use more robotics and artificial intelligence to tackle the problem by helping the farmers to protect the crop from the weeds and thus maximize the yield.

This allows the AI to build a sustainable tomorrow in Agriculture and thus helps to eradicate the possibility of food crisis in the imminent future.

AI in decelerating Climate Change

Artificial Intelligent is not magic to solve every problem of humanity but it is a powerful tool to unlock the problem-solving capabilities of humanity.

One of the problems it can help solve is energy consumption which is a key contributor to climate change in the world.

The major source of climate change is global warming which is caused by greenhouse gas. Energy production is a primary contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

AI with its effective use of data and algorithm to predict the temperature and precipitation change with accuracy would help us understand the better geographical climatic condition across the world.

The developing technologies in better climate predictions with AI enable us to tackle extreme conditions with utmost precautions.

Today’s learners are tomorrow’s creators — skills for a better career

Not only for global problems but also for better career options, AI and coding skills could come in handy.

Imagine you playing your favorite game and you know exactly how it works.

The real-life applications of AI and machine learning in our day-to-day life are endless but if you ask anyone to explain it, very few people do so.

Think over it.

Learning these skills would enable us to create more career opportunities in the future. As bleeding edge technology like AI and machine learning will rule the economy of tomorrow and there will be no field without its application.

This makes STEM education crucial to be inculcated at a young age. Meritus AI is on a mission to empower the young innovators of tomorrow to augment their future skills with up-to-date curriculum and resources that enrich their learning experience and build an infrangible foundation in STEM and AI education.



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