“AI COVID WARRIOR” contest Students in Grades 3 to 12 and Teachers may participate in this AI learning Experience.

The developers at AI World School have created a new contest to inspire STEM learning in students.

AI World School’s self-paced learning platform is being used by students worldwide, and this new contest allows students to experience some of the rigorous AI curriculum within the platform.

Believing that Artificial Intelligence has enormous potential to support the global war on COVID-19, this contest leads students through how AI can help understand the nature of the virus and how it spreads, and how to fight against COVID.

“At AI World School, we believe that with the knowledge of how AI works and its impact, students have the potential to create innovative solutions to real-world problems transforming our societies and shaping the future of our planet,” said Ramana Prasad, CEO/Founder. “We are inviting students to join us on the mission to combat COVID-19 through a contest involving an AI coding experience.”

The AI Covid Warrior contest aims to provide children with an opportunity to put on their thinking caps, work together and brainstorm ways in which they can create their own innovative ideas using Artificial Intelligence technology to combat the various problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students and teachers can enter this free online contest. AI World School will provide guidance to support the participants via online resources such as tutorials, coding tools, and programming platforms.

The contest will run throughout July, August, till 16th September.

There will be exciting prizes including robots, online courses and a whole lot more.

For additional information, visit: https://aiworldschool.com/ai-covid-warriors/

Promo video link : https://youtu.be/xDeJVT5ELwA

About AI World School (AIWS)

AI World School (AIWS) is an online learning platform providing AI and coding technology education to students at home and in K12 schools.

The project-based AI courses have been specially curated for students ages 7 to 18, with guidance from leading global experts in education, robotics, and computer science.

The courses are designed to be fun, creative, collaborative, ethical, empathetic, inclusive, purposeful, and for social good, and they are designed around the “5 Big Ideas” as proposed by the AI4K12 task force led by Dr. David Touretzky of Carnegie Mellon University.

The AIWS team is a team of educators and technologists who are passionate about helping students explore and understand the fundamentals of AI and coding and its role in our daily life, with founders and a governing board involved with education and computer science for decades.

The AIWS mission is to help students become future-ready as they prepare for careers that will require an understanding of artificial intelligence as a key skill to prepare children to flourish in the era of AI.

To learn more, visit http://aiworldschool.com/

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AI World School

AI World School


AIWS is an online self-learning platform providing transformational AI and Coding technology education to students at home, to homeschoolers and in K12 schools.